Tips For Hiring A Small Business Bookkeeper

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As a small business owner, you know that proper accounting is vital. Failure to keep the books up to date and properly notated can lead to cash flow issues, bad relations with vendors, and even tax implications. Yet, this is one task you shouldn't do yourself. Trying to keep up with the books while managing the rest of your business is a recipe for making a major mistake. Instead, hire a professional bookkeeping service for a small business to make sure your accounts are always in order. The following questions can help you choose the right service for your needs.

Does the service have experience with your business type?

Not all business accounts are the same. For example, if you employ independent contractors, you need a service that understands the specific payroll requirements for such workers or you could inadvertently be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to your financial treatment of such employees. Make sure the service you hire has experience with your business industry and the practices you use.

Will you need to learn new software?

There are a variety of software packages marketed to small business owners for day-to-day accounting. It will be confusing and increase the chances of error if you use one type to track daily operations and expect your bookkeeper to make everything match their working records in a different software program. Either choose a bookkeeper that can provide services in your preferred business software package, or consider the benefits of learning and implementing the preferred software of your bookkeeping service. Some services will provide the software as well as training on how to use it for their new clients.

What services does your business require?

Do you run a small owner-operated business that just needs someone to balance the accounts once a month and help you with taxes? If so, then you may not even need to hire a full-time bookkeeper. Instead, you can contract with an hourly service as needed. On the other hand, if you need help managing payroll, accounts receivable, or even the implementation of benefits plans, then a full-service bookkeeping company is a better option. They can handle each of these financial aspects. As a benefit, this will decrease the number of errors that would turn up if you were using multiple companies to handle each separate financial need.  

Contact a local service that offers bookkeeping for small businesses to get started.

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